Your individual account is free, in a clean space without ads, bots, trolls or tracking.

You can share large photos and video with friends and family in truly social groups.

You can use your real name or a handle, but each person builds one reputation.

Thought Leaders

Your Hub is an independent free speech alternative to Instagram.

A Hub is a social media blog on a publishing network that preserves your post, anchors your copyright, and builds your reputation, before you repost the link on the Internet.

Hubs subscribe to other Hubs and people can follow Hubs.

Your basic Hub is free without ads, trolls, noise or censorship.


Your Hub is a safe, sane, civil alternative to a public or private Facebook group.

Each Hub hosts a curated internal conversation in its forum and can publish the best from that to other Hubs or all the way out to the Internet. You can create public or private Hubs that are listed or unlisted.

Basic Hubs are free, without ads, algorithms, tracking, trolls or manipulation.


Your basic Hub is free. You can use it to publish a beautiful feed with photos and video directly to your members and customers. Hubs can accept invitations to join network directories.

Premium features will let you respond to customer inquiries and wishes for products and services and connect with new members & customers. Pricing will start at $5/mo for non-profits, and $10/mo for small business after free beta.


Your association, coalition, marketplace or movement can create a network, either at your own domain, or on Tru.

Networks combine a curated newsfeed with a directory to offer dynamic connections, both between organizations and with all of their members and customers.

Networks will start at $20/mo with equally affordable rates for larger networks when Tru comes out of free beta.

Built for communities
of practice

Tru is a professional-grade platform that provides the verified chain of references required for science, policy and journalism – needed now by all of society.


Verified References

Private exchange of pre-publication drafts for scientists and researchers from COVID to climate

Tru is a professional grade platform for scientists and researchers.

Tru offers a transparent way to establish references and reputation in a digital infrastructure that mirrors the best of peer reviewed publishing. 

It offers scientists, researchers and academics a safe way to manage private digital collaboration from pre-prints and poster sessions to publication in recognized journals. 

And to choose to make selected material available for public policy debate, while preserving full academic citation and recognition.


Deliberative Process

Private circulation and exchange
to iterate drafts across multiple stakeholder working groups

Tru is a professional grade platform for multi-stakeholder policy process.

Multiple stakeholders from a variety of institutions and constituencies can each deliberate and develop proposals separately, in both public and private channels.

For complex policy process from the implementation of the UNSDG’s, to reconciling COVID recovery with the Green New Deal and climate, Tru offers a unique working solution. 

Participants can rank, rate or vote on aspects of proposals and exchange them with other working groups.  


Documented Sources

Verifiable sources help restore credibility for reputation-based reporting and publishing

Tru is a professional grade platform for investigative journalism. 

Real journalism rests on multiple credible sources to support careful factual reporting. Journalists build their reputations on the pursuit of truth.

Tru enables all parties to build a verifiable chain of custody for information. People can tell where stories originated, who first reported them and who republished them.

This allows verified input from credible sources across society to contribute to high quality reporting.