Tru is designed to coordinate group-to-group connection,
collaboration, and movement-building – at scale.

We live in a networked world. Global challenges must be addressed by many different entities acting together, connected in networks where many are also effectively operating as networks internally.

Tru introduces an entirely new paradigm for coordinated activity, built on an architecture designed to support information flows both within and between organizations and groups. This serves the needs of networks in ways no other social media, community or collaborative platform can deliver.

Tru builds networks that connect movements, organizations and groups, both to individual people and to each other, in a safe, clean, beautiful space without ads, algorithms or distractions.

Networks combine a curated news feed with a meaningful directory to offer dynamic connections, both between organizations and with their members and customers.

It supports private organizing, self-organizing, and sharing relevant content and results more widely, including on other social media and the internet.

Networks will start at $20/mo, and grow at very affordable rates when Tru comes out of free beta in late 2021.

Are you part of a network of organizations, groups or chapters using platforms like Facebook groups and Slack or listserv's and email?

Do you find they fall short of providing the team cohesion and network-wide coordination that would optimize your impact?

Ideal For

  • chaptered organizations & unions

  • network-hosting organizations

  • alliances

  • associations

  • coalitions

  • movements

Safe, clean alternative to:

  • Facebook Groups

  • Community platforms

  • Collaboration platforms

  • Google Groups

  • WordPress

  • listserv

Beautiful adjunct to:

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • blog

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