Web 3 bridge technology

Tru uses digitally signed, human-readable, automated agreements that track and govern data exchange and use.
The system is not a blockchain, but can work with any immutable ledger or blockchain.
web3 bridge

Uses some of the same technology as blockchain – in a new way

Cryptographic keys and hashes are used to sign
human-readable legally defined contracts exchanged between software agents representing each party. Audit proof is written to any combination of immutable ledgers and blockchains.
across separate websites and servers
writes to free immutable ledgers
and any blockchain
across separate database domains
internet data contracts
govern data use
Internet data contracts
control how data is used
after it is shared
Cloud agent services
represent each party and
hold their contracts

Automated data contracts in JSON

Internet data contracts written in JSON-LD deliver a truly decentralized and interoperable solution for data exchange without requiring tokens.

Cloud-based agents represent each party

Cloud-based agents offer new democratic governance capabilities for all parties in decentralized organizations.

Truly decentralized ‘tokenless’ one-click account creation & password-free login

Key-based interoperable decentralized networks across any combination of websites and apps

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