the Internet

Cloud-based agent services

People co-manage their data with organizations under binding agreements. This approach is not only decentralized, it is also interoperable across the internet. And it works for organizations and networks of organizations, as well as individual people.

New Business Model

based on personal agency and control

Connects People

to organizations and organizations to each other

New Data Paradigm

built on web3 bridge technology

People co-manage

their data with organizations


internet data contracts

People safely share

their data in one click


Organizations receive 1st party data pushed directly into their own database

solves real world problems, like personal data quality, direct consumer brand relationships and compliance with all global privacy regulation


of revenue


US business


per enterprise

Bad Data Costs

The Web 2.0 business model isn't just creepy and bad for people, it's bad for business.

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Connecting the Climate Movement

a totally new kind of interoperable network for group-to-group publishing, navigation and list management

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