Social, reinvented.

Tru is a socially curated publishing network

Tru uses digitally signed content and reputation to help us all sort fact from fiction and make sense of the world together. Your feed combines curated content drawn from across the internet, without targeted ads or algorithms.

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Social media - without the social dilemma

Tru provides meaningful content at scale, without an algorithm

It creates an entirely new model where real social groups can subscribe to other groups, which select the best to republish for subscribers who get filtered content.

Identity, Privacy, Reputation, Provenance, Validation

Tru combines these principles in the TruLine™, a digitally signed chain-of-custody that shows where content came from, where it was posted and republished, and by whom.

Digitally signed reputation separates real journalists and credible sources from trolls, bad-actors, and confused individuals promoting misinformation, propaganda and lies.

Tru is a totally new kind of internet experience


Control your time and attention without manipulation or distraction


Connect directly with your
members and customers


Provides a basis for verifiable information to counter fake news

Network of Social Groups

People, organizations and groups of all types, from friends and family, to small businesses, nonprofits, activists, journalists, thought leaders and scientists can all create hubs on Tru.

You’ve got Tru privacy
You can create a safe private space for real social connection without surveillance, targeted ads, bots, trolls, fake news, manipulation or censorship.

Safe, clean platform

Tru offers a beautiful, safe, clean, civil alternative to Instagram and Twitter, and a viable place to move your blog or Facebook group.

You’re in charge
You are not the product. You control your personal data which is NOT for sale.


Tru provides a functional way to use reputation to filter disinformation, propaganda and lies.

Stop bad actors in their tracks
You can trace any post back to its source to determine its credibility with the TruLine™.



For members in each hub


Social forums & publishing


Within each hub's social forum


Integrated Telegram thread


Combines published content


Each hub builds reputation


Across hub subscription networks


Who posted & published content

Tru technology uses cryptographically signed, human-readable, automated
agreements that track and govern data exchange and use – after it is shared.
The system is not a blockchain, but can work with, or without, any blockchain.