Tru is a new kind of internet company

Tru builds networks that connect people to organizations and organizations to each other, powered by a new internet business model based on personal agency and relationship.

We have been working on decentralized technology for 20 years

Jim and Victor started a tech community initiative for a global network in 2000, before Linkedin, and published the seminal ASN whitepaper before Facebook. 

Victor wrote one of the first social networks in 1997 and developed much of the code for a community initiative for decentralized personal data and identity in the 2000’s. 
Jim invested in a key social network patent in 2001 resulting in founders shares in the LinkedIn IPO.

While working together on another project following the IPO they had the technical insight needed to achieve truly decentralized data control and in 2015 they invented the JLINC protocol that forms the basis for Tru.

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