Activate and engage your network of groups

Coordinate within and across your network of chapter, alliance or coalition groups with a game-changing paradigm for group-to-group collaboration and supporter management

Actually reach and mobilize your supporters, build your list
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Movement Tech

Tru is built to replace tools like Slack, Facebook Groups, Google Groups, WhatsApp, Discord, Signal, Telegram and community platforms like Mighty Networks that weren't built for movement organizing -- while complimenting tools like Action Network and improving existing email, social media and fundraising strategies.
Why we're different

free for the grassroots

Tru's unique business model makes it free forever for grassroots climate and social movement organizations.

effective movements

Tru is designed to connect people to chapters, chapters to organizations, and organizations to each other.

overcome the noise

You and your people get your messages through – without being blocked by manipulative algorithms & spam filters, or flooded by content overload.

ease of setup & use

Integration with current tools, migration and onboarding is seamlessly fast and self maintaining thereafter - with minimal need for staff support.

A Unique Solution for Movement Organizations

Tru addresses 3 major pain points
for any network of organizations and groups that need to coordinate and work together to accomplish goals at scale.

Tru's solution is a combination of breakthrough technology for connecting systems and content that already exist on the internet, a game-changing infrastructure for group-to-group collaboration, and a system for actually reaching and mobilizing your supporters — at scale.
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How it works


  • Networks – unparalleled facilitation of group-to-group connection, collaboration & coordination

  • Networked workgroups - Slack style collaborative channels coherently linked together to elegantly share network-filtered content



  • Relevancy - everyone sees only what they need and want to, including the best content from across the internet, without overwhelming noise

  • Deliverability – unique system overcomes your email & social media engagement challenges


Member Management

  • Manage member, volunteer and supporter relationships + data

  • Own and grow your list — your member data + relationships are under individual control

How it works


  • Ineffective group-to-group information flow

  • Disconnected efforts



  • Unfiltered, overwhelming communication

  • Obstructed, unreliable deliverability


Member Management

  • No ownership of data and relationships

  • Siloed membership sites fail to maintain engagement

The Problem

Common organizing tools are not designed for, and often impede, movement building in 3 areas:

The Effects

Movements are generally not well served by Big Tech and other commonly used organizing tools
Why we're different

Collaboration Platforms

  • Unfiltered content = overwhelm

  • Group-to-group disconnect + disengagement

  • Don't scale for movement building

Chat Apps

  • Unfiltered content = overwhelm

  • Noisy and messy

  • Don't scale for movement building

Email + Social Media

  • Low open rates

  • Algorithm obstruction = dismal reach

  • Big tech ownership + surveillance business models

Community Platforms & Membership Sites

  • Isolated "siloed" islands

  • Low engagement

  • Costly, limiting + lack familiar "feel" of big social