Tru Social Technology

Innovative group-to-group collaboration
and supporter management

effective movements

Tru is designed to connect people to chapters, chapters to organizations, and orgs to each other in effective movements.

overcome the noise

You, your people and allies get your messages through – without being blocked by algorithms & spam filters, or flooded by content overload.

safe, Clean & truly free

Tru is a safe, clean, space without ads, algorithms or distractions, that will remain free for grassroots climate and social movements.


No time to try yet another platform? Tru is built on new tech to enable the separate platforms we are already on to 'connect' with each other.

A Unique Solution for Movement Orgs

Tru replaces tools like Google Groups, Slack, and Facebook Groups, as well as community platforms like Mighty Networks, to serve as a compliment to social media and email - providing:

• A unique group-to-group collaboration paradigm
• Filtered communication that delivers relevant content to each individual, without overwhelm
• Slack-like workgroups, coherently networked together
• Content deliverability system built to overcome email & social media obstruction
• Novel relationship and data management system for members, volunteers and supporters

Organizations large and small are currently onboarding because:

• Tru addresses many previously unaddressed challenges in one coherent solution
• Our unique paradigm for filtered group-to-group communication and collaboration
• Tru addresses the shortcomings of community platforms, social media, email and collaboration tools

White-label option and EveryAction integration available soon.

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Our Partners

Ideal For

  • chaptered organizations & unions

  • network-hosting organizations

  • alliances

  • associations

  • coalitions

  • movements

  • organizing

Safe, clean alternative to:

  • Facebook Groups

  • Community platforms

  • Collaboration platforms

  • Google Groups

  • WordPress

  • listserv

Beautiful adjunct to:

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • blog

California Benefit Corp

Tru is a California Benefit Corporation with environmental and data integrity covenants in its founding charter.

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